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Perilune Aerospace

Welcome to Perilune

At Perilune Aerospace we are the top expert careers counsellors for aviation and adventure sports who love to excel students' time choice to enter the real next dimension of career growth. Today students and professionals may be confused in some way, whether before or after completing their studies, others want to get in any of the aviation departments or already being on job and still need training for 100% in-depth understanding of ‘how, what and why’ queries.


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How We’re Organized

  • Strategy & Consulting Experts

Our consultants will accommodate your business needs and provide you with brilliant solutions that will lead you on a journey from idea to implementation. We’re ready to cultivate the education & business dealings stars to activate and play at a front foot in the Aviation & Adventure Sports field. 

  • Interactive Business 3 E’s

Perilune Aerospace believes the business of 3E’s consists of Experience, Experiments, and Expectations of results that drive purposeful change for everyone. We provide interactive training & business dealings to the Aviation & Adventure Sports world.

  • Intelligent Business Operations 

Our industry experts will help you reinvent your company to make the impact you want. For this, you require smart operations with robust integration of services, and here, we merge human imagination with applied knowledge and digital technology to generate significant value

Air Ambulance 

Light, medium, and heavy jets equipped with complete ICU (Intensive Care Unit) functionality.

  • Integrated aircraft, appropriate for minor injury patients needed to lie flat or to travel at a prescribed air pressure level.

  • Aircraft with cargo doors or adapted stretcher loading ramps

  • Transfers of helicopters to and from private aircraft


Aviation Education & Training

The aviation industry covers a wide spectrum of courses, including cabin crew training, ground staff training, passenger management training, and aerospace training. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of the aviation sector and how it has evolved into an integral part of human life as a result of these courses.

Here is your key to travel the world. Get your admission in top certified universities. Perilune Aerospace is a one-stop solution for all your concerns and queries regarding your career goals in Aviation Education & Training sector. We have extremely experienced Career Counsellors & Professionals from various departments who know the ins and outs. 

The most excellent and helpful to you is Perilune renders courses and technical knowledge to the universities. Get the exciting opportunities at one-stop by making one career choice. Rest all, Perilune Aerospace is there for you. Your wings already exist. All you need is to take admission in one of the best Aviation Education & Training institute.

Why Choose

Perilune Aerospace?

Perilune Aerospace has a collaboration with the top institutes of the Aviation Industry, providing the diploma, degree, and postgraduate courses to the students according to the individual's interest and goals set.

It is very important about time in the Aviation Industry which truly describes that it is possible to achieve maximum, in a minimum possible time. And to achieve this for lifetime, you need the best guide and support for all your queries and confusions. To find out more you can call us or fill in the form, we are available 24X7 to assist and answer your questions.

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