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Aircraft Maintenance

Aviation Education

At Perilune we are the top expert careers counsellors for aviation and adventure sports who love to excel students life time choice to enter the real next dimension of career growth. Today students and professionals may be confused in some way, whether before or after completing their studies, others want to get in any of the aviation department or already being on job and still needs training for 100% in-depth understanding of ‘how, what and why’
queries. We are “THE ONLY” Career counsellors who provide services on video calls, skype, facetime or other audio or video calling app as per the students request. Our counselling sessions are not limited to any students or person. We only see your availability and further help you out for successful career and professional lifestyle in Aviation industry. We also importantly enrol student’s admission process for aviation industry and adventure sports. Documents like for Aviation, example, aviation management, commercial pilot
licence, private pilot licence, aircraft maintenance engineering or radio telephony restricted licence is also done smoothly withoutc failing your verification process.

We also help you clear the pre-admission form process for aviation school:

  • Pre-requisites of the admission 

  • Visa Assistance

  • Eligibility check of the student 

  • Medical Fitness analysis

  • Application and acceptance of documents

Meet Us Personally

You can even walk in our office to freely talk face to face, if you are students you get your parents along for better understanding. If you are parents and setting up goals for your sons and daughters than you can bring them along for counselling session. This could be the best choice for their career decision in Aviation.

Fees Structure and More 

We will help you through the counselling and admission forms with understanding of the desired courses and fee structure. Through us you get Top Aviation Institutes and experts onboard. In case of foreign institutes and admissions we look over all your documents and legal process. Now you don’t need to worry about any matter whether it’s Visa Approval or financial issues.

How is Perilune Different from Other Aviation Consultancies?


  • Perilune Experts and Consultants are one of the most experienced member form International and National companies.

  • We together as an expert consultant give you the choice of real time experience for higher positions today.

  • Since Aviation Industry is quite different from other profiles of work, we carefully reflect a positive learning among students to help them overcome many challenges of life while working in aviation company.

  • We stand firm till the long term of candidate’s career goal set and successfully see him/her through in aviation careers as well as in adventure sports.

  • Right from the day he or she has enrolled with us to the admission process, our support is with 100% transparent way of dealing.

  • 24 x 7 and for 365 we keep quick update what exactly is the requirement for the students for their successful career and growth.

  • Dreams and desires of students are always completed with us and we see it right after taking regular counselling session, this helps for clearing their mind for future growth.

  • Regularly visiting experts also makes you more confident and smarter for interviews and job applications in any of the departs.



Video Session with our Consultant

Lifetime access to webinars by topprofessional from different careers

Complete assessment

Job opportunities & assistance

₹ 4499 (18% GST Included)


Face-to-face session with our career counsellors at our Centre

Lifetime access to webinars by top
professional from different careers

Complete assessment

Job opportunities & assistance

₹ 4499 (18% GST Included)

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  • Counselling Sessions 100%

  • Aviation Careers and Adventure Sports 100%

  • Advanced
    Technology Support 100%


  • Practical and Theory 100%

  • National and
    International Institutes

  • Training
    Availability 100%


  • Life-Time Support 100%

  • Paper Work with
    100% Verification

  • Easy

      Process 100%


Student Pilot License (SPL)

This is the first pilot’s license one would need to fly an airplane as a pilot-in-command.

AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely.


If you are bored with your 9-5 office job, think about changing your trajectory

Ground Staff

Ground Crew or Ground Staff work in the aviation industry where they are engaged in various roles at the airport.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

A Private Pilot License (PPL) is the minimum required for a pilot to take passengers up with them.

Aviation Management

Aviation management is a course which deals with the study of Airlines, Airports and Business related to the Aerospace industry.


How about this for a living? You get up in the morning, look at the sky, check the wind conditions, climb up a hill, spread your wings and take off.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

(CPL), is a qualification that permits the holder to act as a pilot of an aircraft and be paid for their work.


There are two kinds of medical exams:
Class II Medical Assessment: This certificate is prerequisite.

Cabin Crew

Flight attendant is a member of an aircrew employed by airlines aboard commercial flights, primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

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