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Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft Trading

Aircraft Trading

Perilune Aerospace is delighted to notice your potential aviation ambitions and development to help you find the right solution. Customers have turned to us as a specialist aviation consultancy company engaged in the purchase and selling of private jets.
The technological expertise of Perilune Aerospace has been acquired over several years of intensive exposure, overseeing numerous aircraft on behalf of some of the world's largest tenants, financial institutions, and lease managers. Our team has in-depth experience and a systematic study of the asset class. Our sales and leasing services allow customers to adapt their fleet layout to address the challenging needs of evolving markets, road systems, and passenger expectations.

Aircraft Trading Services

Assessments of aircraft



Lease Return Condition Evaluation

Inspections of Aircraft Documents

Preparation, Storage, and Asset Management Systems


Your aircraft marketing plans are the focus of our business. Perilune Aerospace has a business network made up of several investors and aircraft operators. Our broad scope facilitates us to provide such a wide set of ideas to satisfy your unique needs and within an optimum timeline that suits your budgetary role.

Re-marketing includes

  • Regulating pricing policy strategy, Target consumer base, Marketing

  • Deal Structure

  • Risk evaluation, review & monitoring of potential lessees 

  • Technical management of the project (maintenance, cabin reconfiguration, etc.)

  • Lease structuring for sale of an annexed lease

Marketing Company


Perilune Aerospace is a Sourcing platform that can reduce costs and repair the nuts and bolts of internal processes with the aid of a well-performing sourcing team. It also allows businesses to create a potential to better organize their broad network of suppliers, construct new procurement models and increase the market pace.

Sourcing includes:

  • The transactional assessment provided by ISTAT/ASA authorized appraisers

  • New/used global business equipment sourcing

  • Negotiation and preparation of all contractual documents and follow-up deals with suppliers, lessees, financiers, and operators.

  • Aircraft design & modification, evaluation, authorization, and entry into operation 

  • Technical and commercial follow-up (cabin reconfiguration, maintenance, warranties & training)

  • Sourcing, managing, and handling bank debt

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