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MRO Services

  • Our committed and properly trained teams perform thorough or requested checks on a range of narrow and large body aircraft, airline turboprops as well as executive jets and rotary winged aircraft about corporate houses, HNIs, government agencies, and organizations, provide timely and efficient transits, and facilitate the safe travel of thousands of passengers every day.



  • A, B, C, and D checks

  • Avionics and Airframe Modification

  • Structure Repairs

  • Technical defect rectification

  • Structure Inspection, CPCP

  • Interior refurbishment

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Engine Replacement

  • Flight Hours Inspection

  • Landing Gear Replacement

  • Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

  • Composite Repairs


  • A and B checks

  • Line station set-up and management services

  • Aircraft dismantling

  • Defect rectification

  • Minor component replacement

  • Support services 24/7

  • Daily, weekly, and transit checks

  • Unscheduled services

  • Aircraft engineering during livery change

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