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We provide technical advisory services to current and new start-up companies in the following fields, and our aviation professionals will provide required advice and guidance during the interaction with your company.


  • Technical Portrayal: 


We offer on-site maintenance supervision and other technical representation services to airlines, aircraft operators, and the lessor globally. On-site representation allows the airline/operator/lessor to explore variations during Planned Heavy Maintenance, lease returns, non-routine MRO visits. Discover more!


  • Risk Assessment: 


Perilune Aerospace renders assistance in the field of verification, hollow mapping, aircraft examination, and severe damage to aircraft entangled in accidents and incidents. How do we bring out risk assessments?


  • Lease Administration: 


Our Aviation consultants offer assistance in tracking aircraft leasing and ensuring that clients, airlines, and aircraft operators meet with the framework for future and regulations criteria for their assets. How can we assist!


  • Technical Documentation Audits:


Perilune  Aerospace can conduct an on-site physical examination of the aircraft documents for the purpose of ensuring the actual condition of the aircraft specified, and such reports may include a return to birth scans during aircraft leasing, lease returns, pre-purchase safety checks. What are we auditing!


  • Maintenance Audits: 


Our pre-purchase and re-delivery checks are the most economical and robust in the aviation field. These conceptual assessments may include full-back birth audits relying on the lease period. When and how we do it!

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