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We are Specialized Aviation Advisors for the Aviation Sector, offering the most cost-effective and powerful process/inspections and advisory services for the new startup ventures.

Both airline operators and aircraft operators can work in a highly optimized, controlled, and increasingly competitive market climate. The basic goal of the airline/operator is to generate revenues from the company in addition to dealing with necessary regulatory laws.

If you are planning to start a new airline / MRO business! Read more about the Start-up and Procedural Laws for Airline and MRO in India.

 We offer a wide range of activities, i.e. advice and assistance in certification, operations, maintenance, etc. in accordance with defined requirements of the State. We deliver airline and aircraft operators projects relating to the identification of appropriate quality frameworks, internal audits, and the continuous management of regulatory compliance for existing and new start-up companies. Our technical consultants offer the required advice and expertise during your interaction with your company within the following areas:

  • Organizational Compliance Procedure: 


Perilune Aerospace  can assist in rendering regulatory rules oversight on all commercial aviation operations. Test out what we can do for you!


  • Organizational Certification Counselling: 


Perilune Aerospace Technical Expertise specializes in providing analytical assistance to the AOP / MRO Certification Process, essential reporting, and pre-audits. Analyze, procurement, and leasing of aircraft as permitted for a corporation. How do we then do it!


  • Organizational Approval Assistance: 


Perilune Aerospace Technical Advisors specializes in delivering assistance to new and current Schedule / Regional and Non-Schedule Start-up Operator / Airline, Maintenance Repair Station (MRO) Project Set-up, Technical Approval, and Credential. Discover how we can help you out!


  • Technical Records Consultancy: 


Perilune Aerospace Professional Advisors will assist you in designing the Company's Internal and Regulatory Processes conforming to the Existing Regulatory Structure and the Operating Specifications. Documentation guru!


  • Aircraft Research and Sourcing: 


Perilune Aerospace Professional Consultants offers aircraft analysis, on-site evaluation, audit, advice, and inspection services in India and around the world. Our organization has formed a range of asset capital partnerships within the aviation industry and the marketplace. Check out to figure out more!

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