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Who doesn't like to fly? Who is not jealous of the creatures who can fly from one place to another? We love flying, but not all of us will join the Air Force and pilot jets. However, if one only has the desire and dedication to travel, there is a vast amount of other things that one may engage in and even consider as a career.

Flying has a strong fascination with human beings. Everyone has been trying to fly like a bird since their young age. Paragliding is one of the mechanisms by which one can taste the thrill of flight.


Paragliding arrived between parachute, parasailing, and para-jumping. Paragliders are much lighter and more flexible than hand-gliders. It's a flying paraglider exciting and adventurous sport. The participation of participants has been seen as a mainstream sport and is also used as a leisure activity.

Paragliding does not demand any facilities other than paragliding gear, as compared to parachuting, where an airplane is required to carry parachuters high in the sky. Para-sailing also allows the parachute to be pulled by a vehicle. Sky-diving can't be fully functional without a plane.

The only element paragliding is calling for you is the courage and the ability to walk to the high ground that the vehicles can not hit. Then the paraglider needs to let the wind support simply to fly from the top of mountains or the slopes. To adventurers who feel that there is no better approach than jumping off a mountain paragliding cliff is the smartest option.

The kit required for this sport is small and compact enough to be equipped by mountaineers, making it comfortable to mountaineers and trekkers. After accessing their destination, they merely resemble themselves with the kit and reach down very quickly.


Unlike most of the adventurous activities that originated in Europe and North America, paragliding began in the 1950s. People began paragliding in the Alps of Europe and from there it reached other mountain peaks, including the Himalayas. Paragliding began in India in the 1990s and has also seen a number of paragliders in Nepal.


Paragliding is not viable on the flat land or on the lowlands. This demands strong ground and large hills or mountains are perfect for adventure sports. Therefore, any place with mountains is ideal for paragliding. Sloping valleys are often not very suitable for paragliders, but large valleys are deemed carefree.


As of today, there are not many institutions that offer training in paragliding. Compass Aviator is one of the most trustworthy and affordable Training schools that will make your adventurous fantasies true and take off your passion to fly in the Sky.

Explorers who want to build a career out of it to have paragliding expertise and experience. A professional paraglider and an enthusiast should establish their own paragliding club and work in places where paragliding is massive. You may even work as a coaching staff under the director of a gliding club.

There is not a lot of investment in paragliding, but investment in tourism usually comes from people who paraglide for fun. Training paragliders is also a major source of revenue for the paragliding industry. This outdoor sport also specializes in airborne shooting, which is the perfect choice for photographers who can not manage to click on a plane every single day.


Paragliding as a leisure-based activity is emotionally very challenging. In one day, it can't be achieved. It takes stamina and a lot of bravery. No matter what you know in theory, your first ride will be in accordance with an accomplished paraglider. It's one air with your tutor that you will learn the basics of paragliding.

Individuals who like to take test drives must have an accomplished paraglider with them. Trying to understand paragliding while in the sky is very essential for people who want to advance paragliding as a career. Taking images and tapping on pictures can be a perfect feeling of energizing joy and relief when on the field. For the first time, joyriders are provided proper instruction before they travel in the air. It is also important for paragliders to remain positive during strong winds when flying or gliding.


The potential paraglider will be fit enough to walk up the hillsides or the hilltops. You can not paraglide if you weigh less than 35 kilos or more than 100 kilos. As I previously stated, there are no norms for paragliding and some training institutions do not permit people under 15 years of age to paraglide. One must wear outfits that allow an individual to move freely. Often, if there is no air blowing, paragliding is difficult.

however, there are no tough and fast rules. Initial summers and autumn seasons are ideally suited for paragliding, as the wind is appropriate and the storms are less severe during these seasons.


The trend of paragliding is growing. This has seen a rise in success as a form of fun and leisure rather than a professional sport. There is nothing cooler and more joyful than flying with birds in their avian universe. When you enjoy flying, paragliding is undoubtedly for you.

With the development of higher quality knowledge, understanding, technologies, and ever-increasing and varying requirements for industry, individuals can now pick the specific future career they would like to follow on the influence of personal background and interests.

It's Never too late as the best way to choose your career is to create it. Contact Now.

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