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Student Pilot License is one of the first steps to start your career as a pilot. It is one of the primary requisite to begin flying and avail flight training. Until you do not have a student pilot license, you cannot proceed for the Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License.

Now the important question is, how can you get a Student Pilot License? To get all the information and the associated details, continue to read the blog. Essential Steps to Seek a Student Pilot License:

Most of the aviation aspirants possess difficulty in applying and getting a Student Pilot Licence. It is because every country has different eligibility and processing criteria for approving an Airline Pilot. If you are in India, you can get a Student Pilot License in a few easy steps mentioned below.

  • Apply for the License:

Applying for a Student Pilot License is not rocket science. Everything is quite easy, and you can get all the details online. In case you still face any issue, approach the top aviation consultancies in the country. They will guide you for the application. You can refer to a Student Pilot License as a Learning License. You do not require any training to apply to get an SPL. Instead, it is a gateway that allows you to enter any of the flying training programs.

  • Know Where to Apply:

In India, you can apply for an SPL at any of the recognised Flying Schools. Check the list of the top flying schools in your country, and then approach to the nearest possible aviation flying training centre. Submit your application, and if you clear the eligibility criteria, you can get the Student Pilot License without any hindrance.

  • Pay the Fees for the Student Pilot License:

The fees for obtaining a Student Pilot License is very nominal. Do not be under any myth that you getting a Student Pilot License is very expensive. The price for obtaining a Commercial Pilot License and Private Pilot License is a bit on the higher side. However, it is not right for Student Pilot License.

  • Processing and Examination to Get Student Pilot License:

For the final processing of the Student Pilot License, the applicant has to give an oral and written examination. The test proceeds under the chief instructor at the Flying school or a DGCA representative. In four easy steps, you can avail the Student Pilot License, but you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria. What is the Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Student Pilot License? You can initiate the application for an SPL, only if you are eligible. An applicant must satisfy the following prerequisites to avail the Student Pilot License.

  • The minimum age of the applicant should be 16 years.

  • He must have a clarified certificate of the 10th board examination from a recognised board in India.

  • The applicant must have a class 2 medical certificate. It must be attested from a top-class medical professional. You must satisfy DGCA medical guidelines.

Enroll for the Student Pilot License, without a second thought if you satisfy the essential eligibility criteria. Make sure you apply in one of the recognised flying institutes.

Final Words: Apart from the basic eligibility, you must have an elementary knowledge of basic subjects of aviation. It will help clear the examination.

In case if you still suffer any problem in availing Student Pilot Licence, seek help from the aviation consultancy. All your aviation dreams be fulfilled after you have an SPL. So, make no delay. Apply for it now.

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