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Almost 50% candidates have this question while thinking about Aviation and career growth in airlines company. Today even the best aviation consultancy in India fails to build the mind of students and other interested candidates to answer this question or solve one. Aviation is a vast subject of matter for all the people who see it as an opportunity to work or experience. Now most of you will definitely have to think and act if you have to get your career done in Aviation being a Pilot, so you ask, “How Will I Get Trained as Pilot?”

If you have asked this question, that means you are really interested for the post of being a Pilot, for counselling you can call us immediately now. We have consultants and experts to work for your career growth and other aviation departments. Explaining more about the pilot profile you should know more about Pilot, and we believe to help you with 100% authenticity.

A Pilot!

A Pilot profile is highly credited with special duties, the profile needs knowledge of air navigation, interpretation of meteorological reports, he or she has to operate sophisticated electronic and other mechanical controls that leads to aircraft maintenance. Pilot is always the leader of his flight, flight crews and passengers and always depended on him.

The most exciting part of being a Pilot is travelling with free wings to fly without any hassle. Today we at Perilune Aerospace make sure you get the Best Pilot Training Institution to build your career for life time benefits.

Few “Yes” and, “No” before you apply for Pilot Course

  • You should be 10th or 12th passed with minimum 50% of marks in mathematics and physics.

  • Your age should be at least 16 years to receive Students Licence, 17 years for Pilot Licencing and 18 years for Commercial Pilot licensing.

  • You have to give an exam that is conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation that involves many theory papers like air navigation, meteorology and all about technical aspects.

  • Your vision should be perfect. The rating of your eyes should be 6/9 which must be correctable to 6/6 points.

  • According to the standards and physical activity, it is mandatory to be free from disease and disorder.

  • Your test like for writing, vision, clearing papers and other should include 70% of marks.

There can be other tests as well, we surely will guide you in your Aviation journey!

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